We are Cabbells, the trusted partner of leading arts institutions for more than 40 years. We get more from your advertising, make print budgets go further and design attention-grabbing programmes and magazines with content to enrich experiences and inspire loyalty.

That’s why the likes of the BFI's London Film Festival and BFI, ENO, Opera magazine and Longborough Festival Opera choose to work with Cabbells.


How does Cabbells work with arts institutions?

Advertising sales for the arts

Our professional, experienced advertising sales team is passionate about the arts. To support stronger revenues for institutions and venues they maintain long-term relationships with advertisers, proactively seek new leads and co-ordinate online and cross-channel campaigns.

Our team supports stronger advertising revenues by:
• Calling on an established and carefully-maintained database of advertising contacts
• Helping effective financial management through regular and transparent reporting
• Proactively generating leads

Our team already sells advertising on behalf of Opera Magazine, the London Film Festival and ENO.

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Specialist programme and magazine design

Have your programmes looked the same for years, even though audiences’ expectations have moved on? Let us help you invigorate your programmes and publications and create the perfect printed accompaniments to your productions.

A beautifully-designed programme vividly invokes the visual and emotional power of your productions. Think contemporary photography and a thoughtful approach to typography that recognises the first time programmes are read is under often subdued house lights.

Cabbells believes arts institutions have an opportunity to create programmes, brochures and magazines that are more memorable and work harder to differentiate productions and venues from their peers.

Our specialist programme design service can look again at the size, format or paper selection of your programmes and make recommendations to ensure they are even more distinctive and unforgettable. Our programme designers will evaluate your current approach and look to evolve it reflecting the latest design trends.

Content - time for fresh perspective?

Well-designed programmes with strong content heighten the audience experience and deepen their engagement with your institution or venue. We specialise in delivering resonant, cross-channel programme content to support stronger ticket sales.

Programmes that inform, tell a story, or make the audience view a production with a fresh perspective become treasured mementos that support repeat visits. But programmes with tired or thin content can leave the audience member feeling short-changed and less persuaded to buy again.

To give your programmes longer shelf lives and support future purchases, we might recommend creating an editorial feature by the playwright, a piece on the historical period or issue, or signposting to an online play list, or video of the principal in rehearsal.  And when audiences are encouraged to visit your website, you can entice them to book tickets to your next production.

Cost-effective print solutions

We call on economies of scale from printing more than 3.5 million magazines a year. Cabbells is backed by established relationships with trusted printers and mailing houses, which means you get competitive rates.

All Cabbells’ clients benefit from our bulk-buying power when it comes to paper and print. Where we can, we’ll upgrade the paper stock or provide new tactile cover finishes for your programme, brochure or magazine at little or no cost to you.

Sustainable printing for the arts

We can source Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)-accredited papers. Our print partners meet the latest environmental and quality control best practices, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. We can also use non-toxic vegetable-based inks, chlorine-free paper and recycled or
part-recycled papers.

Cabbells clients

Cabbells CULTURE

Our team is passionate about the arts. Here’s a selection of some of their current favourites from the arts and entertainment worlds


Following Satyagraha and the Olivier Award-winning Akhnaten, ENO’s association with Philip Glass continues with a new production of Orphée. This fantastic show is on from 15 Nov – 29 Nov 2019.

Book your tickets for Orphée.
English National Opera (ENO)


Looking for an alternative venue that has a host of free events every night, whether you want to see amazing artwork, do a free workshop, live music or learn to skate?

Check out the latest events now.
House of Vans London


One of UK's most exciting classical music events – with live music, fireworks and cheery sing-alongs in Hyde Park. Sing along to the renowned Last Night anthems.

Book your tickets now.
BBC Proms in the Park

Cabbells CULTURE

Our team is as passionate about the arts. Here’s a selection of some of their current favourites from the arts and entertainment worlds


All life is balance, according to Boy Blue. Following the triumph of Blak Whyte Gray, this dance theatre production examines those irreversible moments in life and how they affect us.

Book your tickets today
Barbican, London


It’s the greatest global cinema on demand.Thanks to the BFI, you can rent the latest releases, subscribe to classics, and explore the best of the BFI’s national and regional archives.

Find out more and book your tickets now


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Why is culture important?

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