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Cabbell supports the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s plans to raise the heartbeat of the nation

Cabbell is supporting the Sport and Recreation Alliance and its project to get MPs to raise the heartbeat of the nation through its Ministers’ To-Do List project.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance, the umbrella organisation for the governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation in the UK, has today released its five-step plan to help future Ministers get more people into sport and recreation.

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Raising the heartbeat of the nation – A five-step plan for a more active population, has been published as part of a wider Ministers’ To-Do List project ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Detailed within the publication are five-steps, created in consultation with organisations within the sport and recreation sector that, if implemented, will see the sector and the UK benefit as a result of increased participation and investment.

The five steps, each supported by a range of detailed proposals, are:

  1. Support sport and recreation from grassroots up
  2. Increased investment in teacher training, PE and school sport
  3. Every local authority to produce a strategy for physical activity opportunities for communities
  4. Keep the UK the home of world class sport and sporting events
  5. Create a Minister for the Outdoors to maximise the full potential of the natural environment

On the aims of the Ministers’ To-Do List, Emma Boggis, CEO of the Sport and Recreation Alliance said, “The sport and recreation sector offers so many benefits to the UK as a whole and those benefits extend to the nation’s health, wealth and happiness. We want to see a society where, from the day they learn to walk until the day they take their last steps, people have the confidence, opportunity and motivation to participate in sport and recreation.

“Our Minister’s To-Do List offers, to any future government, a concise, easily understandable programme from those within sport and recreation which, if implemented fully, would remove some of the obstacles that currently stop the sector from realising its full potential.”

For information about the Ministers’ To-Do List and how you can get involved please visit

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